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Mobile Web Sites, Social Networking, and your website - is it ready?

The mobile web market is developing rapidly, with powerful new phones showing up every month, and faster data plans to power them.  Not only are people using their phones to browse the web more often, they are using them to purchase products impulsively in response to effective advertising.  

What was once a niche for tiny 240 x 160 resolution phones in years past is becoming a major development consideration with every new website.  People are checking out reviews for businesses online, sharing information and photos on social networks, and spending more and more time shopping with their mobile phone or tablet.  Even restaurants are seeing a large uptick in mobile use as customers search for dining on the go.

How does your website look on a mobile phone?  A tablet?  Have you ever tried?  If you're developing a new website or web project, have you thought about your mobile implementation?  These are important questions that you need to address, because smartphones and web connected devices are growing too rapidly to ignore.

Our Content Management System is mobile ready.  The websites we build are not mobile enabled by default, but we can enable this feature with a specialized mobile theme for any of our websites, allowing users to access your content in a format specially tailored for mobile devices.  Curious how this might work?  Just check out our website, www.visualcmg.com in your phone.  You'll see a specially developed theme that presents essential content in an easy to access format.  Call us or submit a quote request and find out what we can do for your mobile application!

Roanoke: 540-345-2750 or email at info@visualcmg.com