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David Guzman talks about his company's OMS website from Visual CMG

David Guzman, of Hardie Boys Architectural Millwork uses the catchall term "Website" when he talks about the Online Marketing System Visual developed for his company. In fact, it's much more than a website.

Marketing involves constant analysis and adjustment. As we began to analyze the information we were getting from tracking visits to the HB website, we noticed that many people were spending a lot of time in the HB image galleries. In fact, they were spending all their time there. We polled some clients to find out why and found out that HB images were being copied from the website and used in meetings between homeowners, architects and builders. When we find smoke, we break out the fan. We talked to Lionel and David about adding a new system that would allow people to search, locate,and save images to their own personal gallery, which they could save as a pdf, print, email, or post on their facebook page. They gave us their approval and we made it happen.

The result is that it is now much easier for people to use HB images, which are now watermarked, so no matter how they're used everyone knows where they came from. Since signup is required, HB now has information on who is using their images. This provides opportunities to see how HB can help. So far it's been an amazing success, and this is just the beginning.

Roanoke: 540-345-2750 or email at info@visualcmg.com